Rasoul Morteza


Rasoul Morteza (born November 7, 1994) is a self-taught composer, sound designer and acoustician based in Montreal, Canada. He runs “Universal Scoring”, a motion picture, video-game and animation scoring company with the mindset of exploring simplicity in musical ideas that not only resonate with a given story, but are capable of evoking indelible memories outside the visuals as well.

Having studied Physics in France, Rasoul continued his research into the intertwined relationship between music and sound and obtained a Master’s degree in musical acoustics at the age of 21 (Concordia University, Canada). Upon graduation, he began his music career as a lecturer in music production and acoustics at audio engineering schools, namely Trebas Institute and Recording Arts Canada. He also holds years of experience in the video game industry and as an engineering consultant.

Rasoul’s compositional style stems from his appreciation of world cultures. His musical journey is an ongoing experiment of infusing the orchestra with the folk music of our past and the futuristic sounds of the modern synthesizer.

Rasoul’s current projects involve Ambisonic recording of live performances and sampling of ethnic instruments at the University of Montreal, as well as soundtrack composition and sound design for the upcoming PC video game “Ardent Seas”.