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Rasoul Morteza


Rasoul Morteza (b. Nov. 7, 1994) is a self-taught composer and sound designer based in Montreal, Canada. Captivated by the emotional impact of film music classics from an early age, he made the unusual decision of pursuing studies in Physics with the aim of better understanding “sound” and the magic behind musical instruments. This eventually led him to obtain a Master’s degree researching musical acoustics at the age of 21 (Concordia University, Canada). However, his unavoidable passion for musical storytelling finally led him to pursue a career in composition and sound design for films and video games.


With the orchestra comprising a core part of Rasoul’s compositional style, he frequently explores novel ways of blending orchestral samples, synthesizers and ethnic instruments to form original textures. Rasoul also specializes in 3D audio recording and production (ambisonics) and searches new ways of incorporating space as a key dimension in composition. He believes the successful adoption of spatial audio to be one of the next major milestones in music.


Rasoul’s musical and sound design contributions can be heard in franchises such as Dungeons & Dragons and League of Legends. 


He regards J.S. Bach as his biggest musical influence.


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